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Developer API

Some of the methods of our RESTFul API are publicly available. Responses are in JSONP format.

Service Endpoint:


Get Preset:


A request to the resource returns the DTO of a preset or rig in JSON format:

{ "status": 0, "statusMessage": "Success", "message": "Preset found", "data": { "presetId": "1", "service": "http:\/\/elevenrack.net\/", "title": "For the Love of God", "url": "http:\/\/elevenrack.net\/1", "artist": "Steve Vai", "genres": [ "rock", "metal" ], "thumb":"http:\/\/elevenrack.net\/images\/presets\/Steve-Vai.jpg", "comments": "Preset of Steve Vai's song - For The Love of God." } }

{ID} is the slug after the trailing slash in a call to a page, as in http://elevenrack.net/1. Omitting {ID} or setting it to point for an non-existing resource will return the following statuses:

Status: 1
http://elevenrack.net/api/widgets/preset/9999 { "status": 1, "presetId": "9999", "statusMessage": "PresetNotFound", "message": "Preset not found. Try using another ID.", "data": { "service": "http:\/\/elevenrack.net\/" } }
Status: 3
http://elevenrack.net/api/widgets/preset/ { "status": 3, "statusMessage": "PresetIdNotSpecified", "message": "Preset ID not Specified.", "data": { "presetId": null, "service": "http:\/\/elevenrack.net\/" } }
Sample Request to the Get Preset Method Using jQuery:
$.ajax({ url: http://elevenrack.net/api/widgets/preset/1, dataType: "jsonp", crossDomain: true, success: function(response) { window.console.log(response); } });

Calling the API with JavaScript requires a callback parameter, so response is wrapped as JSONP.

Editorial Picks

As of December 14, 2018 we have 68 Eleven Rack presets and rigs. Got one?


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